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What Do I Need?
What To Expect On Your Deer Hunt

Your Texas hunting experience with us will start around noon. Once you arrive at the lodge, we will go through a brief orientation and then we will go to check your firearms for accuracy.
We will depart from the lodge about 2:30 pm for your first evening hunt. You will be picked up a little after dark from your stand by your guide.

The next morning hunt will start early around 4:30 AM with continental breakfast and plenty of hot coffee before heading to your blind around 5:00 am. The guides will give you a 15-minute heads up before departing for the stands, if you are not in the truck at that time we will just think you wanted to hunt local (to sleep-in). You will stay in your blind all morning then the guide will pick you up around 10 a.m. to go the lodge for lunch.

After lunch you can rest for a bit, we will head back to your stand around 2:30 pm for the evening hunt.
Almost all of the blinds are 4’x6’ box blinds overlooking wheat fields, corn feeders, or food plots. All blinds consist of an office chair, sliding windows, and a butane heater on request. For the bow hunters, several tripods and tree stands have been strategically placed in downwind locations overlooking known travel routes, food plots, and corn feeders.
After your hunt, you will be taken back to the lodge where a Texas size feast will be prepared for your enjoyment. All game will be cleaned, caped and packed in ice in your ice chest. Just let us know if you preferred to handle your harvested game another way and we will be glad to assist you anyway we can.

We look forward to meeting all of you and making many memories and new friends. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of our outfit, don’t hesitate to ask us.

General Information:

• A wounded animal is considered a dead animal.

• All weapons must be sighted in to check accuracy upon arrival, before hunting.

• Please unload your weapons completely before exiting a blind, entering a vehicle or the lodge.

• Meat processing and taxidermy services are available on request.

• You will be responsible for your hunting license.

• Hunter must follow all state and federal laws and must sign a liability waiver.

We have been asked many times about what is a customary tip. As in any service business, tipping is customary but not mandatory. The usual tip for the guide is 10% of the cost of your trip if you had a good hunt, 15% if you had an exceptional hunt and 20% if you had the hunt of a lifetime. Your tip should be given to the head guide and he will distribute it accordingly. Tips for the kitchen staff is up to your discretion and should be placed in the cook’s tip jar. We only included this information as a reference and you may tip or not tip as you see fit.

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How Do I Get A License?
What Are The Hunting Seasons In Texas?
How Do I Get There?

Amarillo Airport 83 miles away from us.

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Taxidermy - We Use
What I Need For Lodging?

We have a full-service lodge with complete bedding and toiletries. All meals and snacks are provided except if you have special dieting needs.

How Will My Harvested Game Be Handled?

We will cape your trophy and quarter your game and pack it in ice in your ice chest. No Fees but tips are appreciated.